The importance of jokes and humor

July 14, 2011

Everyday different things happen. There are times that every person you interact has either a serious mood, a problem or is sad and jokes can break the ice and give laughter to each and every one. Jokes are defined as something you do or say that will bring laughter to the people who are watching or listening.

They say laughter is the best medicine and in order to provoke laughter, a joke or two is required. Jokes lighten the mood on a lot of people. When the ambiance is very serious at a meeting or in a class, people usually look for someone who can break the ice to lighten everyone’s mood. Lightening the mood or atmosphere will make everyone much more comfortable. In the setting of a meeting, they can focus on the topic much more if the mood is lighter. Meanwhile in the situation of a class, students can be more attentive through stimulation. Lightening the mood can also lessen the pressure that someone or everybody is feeling.

Everybody wants to have laugh and have fun. Fun, for some, can be described in many things, one of which is cracking a joke to make everyone laugh. Meanwhile there are some who perform humorous acts to achieve the same.

Everyone should take note and always remember that not all jokes are funny. There are some people who use jokes as a form of an insult or to let someone be aware of what he is doing. Jokes can help in many ways, and the one obvious way is bringing happiness in everyone’s lives. Being serious is good and healthy but being serious everyday will make you look older in the coming years. Being serious all the time will also bring a lot of worries in your life, and will keep you tense and unease.Laughing an alternative to being serious all the time, is also very healthy. Laughter can often equate to happiness for most people and being happy in life brings a lot of luck. Being happy or generally in a happy mood, also helps someone view the world in a positive way. Having a positive outlook in life will bring success to anyone. It may not be an instant success but still it will bring success no matter what.  People can also gain a lot of friends and fewer enemies. A little joke may be equate to be a little thing at first glance, but it brings a great positivity to people’s lives in the long run.It has also been seen that being happiness could increase your chance in remembering things. That is, if you stored that particular memory in a happy state. Depending on the mood you were when you remembered a certain something, such as the location of your keys, or an anniversary. You can tap into that memory and have a higher chance of remembering the forgotten if you were in the same mood. If you were happy when you got home and left the keys in your pockets, you’ll remember it better the next day if you were in the same happy mood.

Being happy or laughing does not mean being carefree or free of trouble. It simply means that one is able to take a step back and look at the better things in life. It can help you relax, and ultimately make your life much easier. So visit Hindi Sms sites and send lots of Jokes.


Sending Free Hindi SMS jokes from Internet to Mobile

May 21, 2011
Do not be henceforth surprised or shocked if someone tells you that you can send free SMS from the internet to your mobile. Well, this is unequivocally possible now and it is not something new for the internauts. It is also possible to bring a bright and pleasant smile to the face of your dear friend merely through the variety of jokes found in the Internet as ready-made funny SMSs. Hereby; these jokes are also available in Hindi!
SMSs based on festivals, occasional greetings, love, friendship and special occasion like birthdays, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas, Mother’s Day as well as Father’s Day can be easily found, and so are Hindi funny jokes SMS. Gone are the days when you needed to take your mobile phone and ‘strain’ your fingers to write a text message. Now, you only need to visit the sites where ready-made SMSs are impatiently waiting for you and select and send the one which pleases you or your correspondent. It takes only a few; some almost unimportant minutes to send the Hindi SMS joke to your friends. This simple act might bring a relieving smile to the face of your friends and simultaneously it would strengthen and elevate your friendship.

There are various sites available which aim at providing funny Hindi SMS which can be effortlessly be sent all over the world. However, one should utterly be vigilant while visiting such sites. You should be very careful at submitting your or someone else’s mobile number if you feel uncomfortable or unsure. In addition, many sites do not guarantee that the SMS will be duly delivered to its correspondent or not. You should also refrain from registering yourself in sites where you need to pay. Nevertheless, this is something which seldom occurs. There are, however, innumerable sites which unflinchingly aim at the security and confidentiality of their users.

The question which automatically sprouts and affirms a prominent stand here is: why through internet and why not directly through mobile phone itself? Well, the word “free” must have instantly etched your mind. In anyway, this is undeniably not a joke like the funny SMSs! There are a vast number of sites where you can send Hindi SMS jokes at the cost of nothing. Nowadays, internet is literally available anywhere down the streets! Its flexibility adds more substance to its efficiency. Lastly, why should someone indulge in exerting or straining his ‘delicate’ fingers to write a message or wait for the “inspirational angel“ to visit and bless him with the ability of writing a message? Just imagine some mere ‘clicks’ and ‘typing’ could simplify the above mentioned time-consuming tasks.